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UL-TS Handset and Mobile Payment



手机, USIM卡, SWP/HCI, EMVCo, 移动支付的测试



UL-TS(以前Collis)测试工具用来测试你的产品, 例如,智能卡,终端,UICC卡,移动支付等等,以确保其互通性。 UL测试工具提供了超过80个测试工具和模拟器,涵盖了移动,支付,运输和电子识别领域。由主要支付组织(Visa,万事达卡,银联,JCB,大来发现,INTERAC,美国运通)和行业机构(PTCRB,GCF,环球平台,EMVCo标准,MIFARE)认可和合格的工具。UL eUICC测试套件覆盖M2M , Consumer 的eUICC卡测试,Device测试及服务器测试套件,遵守GSMA, GP, SIMAlliance等国际规范,能提供卡商,终端厂商及运营商认证产品的有效方法。通过中国银联认证的BTT终端入网验证工具也是占据90%市场份额的一套POS/ATM的入网认证工具,其易用且自带的CUP-S/CUP-A仿真,大大简化了测试的复杂度。另外UL Smartstation 3能模拟UICC测试手机,或模拟手机来测试SIM卡,能自行开发异常的卡文件卡库,方便的接口及实时测试报告,能保证终端/卡片的兼容性问题!另外UL 在Globalplatform 也通过了十几套相关套件的测试认证,包含兼容银行卡应用,SWP/HCI NFC应用,安全模堆SE应用等。

UL Transaction Security (UL-TS) Test Tools (previously Collis) test your products (smart cards, terminals, UICC cards, mobile payments, and more) to ensure interoperability. UL Test Tool portfolio offers over 80 test tools and simulators covering mobile, payment, transit and e-identification domains. Accredited and qualified tools by major payment schemes (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, Diners Discover, Interac, American Express) and industry bodies (PTCRB, GCF, GlobalPlatform, EMVCo, MIFARE).




  • Mobile Test Tools
    We support MNOs and Service Providers in executing Trusted Service Manager (TSM) and NFC/contactless services. Our test tool portfolio includes Host Card Emulation (HCE) test tools as well as test tools to test cloud-based payments and tokenized messages in general. We also assist handset manufacturers and SIM manufacturers with quality test tools that ensure interoperability. Our test tools use flexible Java APIs that take testing beyond standards conformance. We provide simulators, spying/monitoring tools and test suites. It includes test tools like UICC Test Tools (UL Mobile Spy, Mobile Credit Card Test Platform, GlobalPlatform Compliance Test Suites and Mobile Card Profile Tester, 31.048/ 31.122/ 31.213/ 51.013/ 51.017 Test Suites, GP SWP/HCI UICC Compliance Test Suites, Mobile Log Viewer, and MIFARE4Mobile Test Suites.), and Handset Test Tools (includes Mobile Spy, GSMA NFC Network Independent Handset Test Suite, GSMA NFC Handset Test Suites, and Mobile Handset Test Platform).
  • Payment Test Tools
    Professional EMV test tools are an absolute necessity in EMV issuing, acquiring, certification and migration projects. UL has developed a range of card, POS, ATM and host test tools. These test tools will guide you towards a smooth, efficient and trouble-free go-live of your chip infrastructure. Our portfolio includes test tools for MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners, UnionPay, Interac and a number of domestic payment schemes (pre)certification and validation. The products include: Payment Test Tools (UL Digital Enablement Test Tool, ATM Brand Certification Solution, Mobile Payments Module, Terminal Test Station, Brand Test Tool, Brand Test Tool for Quick Chip, Brand Test Tool for UnionPay, EMV Personalization Validation Tool, Astrex), Acquiring and Transaction Processing Test Tools, Payment Terminal Certification Test Tools, Issuing and Personalization Test Tools, Payment Card Certification Test Tools, Modules(Collis Host Test Tool ).