Emite (LTE)






Emite OTA RC Chamber



OTA测试的RC Chamber混波室



The new E500 Series is a multicavity mode-stirred source-stirred reverberation chamber that provides unique passive mode measurement capabilities [Efficiency, Correlation, Mutual Coupling, MIMO Capacity, Diversity Gain (ADG, EDG, IDG), loss effects (DGL, CL.MIMO), Mean Effective Gain (MEG), Effective MEG (EMEG), Branch Power Ratio (BPR), active MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) 3GPP/CTIA Figures of Merit for 2G, 3G, 4G cellular and wireless LAN systems (Total Radiated Power (TRP), Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS), MIMO Throughput (TPUT), CQI, MIMO TIS and MIMO TRP], time-domain measurements [RMS Delay Spread (RMS DS), Power Delay Profile (PDP), TCP-Throughput and UDP-Throughput versus time or averaged received power] and channel parameters (PDF, CDF, Scatterplot, K-factor, eigenvalues] for a wide variety of Rayleigh, Rician, isotropic, non-isotropic, NIST Indoor-Urban, isotropic SCME Urban-Macro#, isotropic SCME Urban-Micro# and other fading environments, all united in one single and intuitive interface.