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4ffCom是一家专门提供手机和终端设备的射频一致性测试解决方案的公司。4ffCom的团队有着多年的移动设备测试市场的经验,包括测试实验室的运作,丰富的测试软件开发经验,以及长久参与标准化组织会议( 3GPP PTCRBGCF 4ffCom的主要产品CTE(Comprehensive Testing Environment综合测试环境)含盖2G3G LTE LTE-AAGPS  BT WLAN等技术,并支持GCF  PVG  RTTE  FCC JRL等认证,以及附合营运商的测试需求。




Comprehensive Testing Environment (CTE)


Comprehensive Testing Environment (CTE)

The CTE is the heart for all our supported Test Plans. CTE consists of a powerful test plan framework, which executes test plans on different hardware environments. This framework offers online path compensation for high accuracy and full automation of multiple Device under Test and System Configuration for Repetability, Reproducibility and Efficiency. Test Plans can be easily added and coverage scaled up to full Conformance and Network Operator Coverage Even the smallest Hardware Environment (HWE 3000, Aeroflex 7100 standalone) covers more than 85% of LTE RF Conformance Requirements for about 20% of the price of comparable Conformance Test Systems. Upgrade Paths are available for a variety of technology dependent RF & Performance Test Plans in 2G, 3G, Bluetooth, WLAN, AGPS, LTE and LTE Advanced  

CTE Test Solutions in the complete development chain







Pre-Conformance meeting 3GPP or Regulatory Requirements

Test Cases are implemented and verified against Conformance Specification and References. The Test Cases fulfils Conformance Requirements of highlighted Specification and offers a uniquely large variety of Parameter Flexibility while keeping the Measurement Uncertainty and Quality of Tests according to Conformance Requirements


  • Scalable and editable parameters in GUI
  • Test time reduction due to scalable parameters
  • User editable warning limits
  • Customizing / Custom R&D Tests
  • Absolute limit search feature
  • Editable calibration interval
  • Regression Testing




Test Cases are conform and have been validated according to GCF & PTCRB/PVG (Test Platform TP67 for 2G, TP86 for (A)GPS and TP123 for LTE endorsed), Regulatory Requirements (like R&TTE, FCC and Japanese Radio Law) and Network Operator Requirements (like VzW).


A Comparison - CTE R&D+ and Conformance vs 3rd Party CallBox

An Overview - CTE R&D+ and Conformance vs 3rd Party


CTE Test Plans


CTE – Test Plan – Cross Reference

This cross-reference table gives an overview of the supported Test Plans on certain HW Environments.

You will find the pre-configured CTE Hardware Environment (HWE) and details of the Test Case Coverage within the Test Plan with respect to major testing areas.

For sure we support also customer specific solutions and offer the implementation of any HW.

CTE – Test Plan – Cross Reference



Testplan for LTE RF and Performance Measurements (CTE - RF - LTE)


THE CTE LTE RF & Performance Application for Aeroflex 7100 on CTE HWE 3000


85% of LTE RF & Performance Test Capacity for 20% of typical Costs!

100% of LTE TC Coverage for 43% of typical Costs with Upgrade to CTE HWE 4000 or by 4ffCom Services


  • Aeroflex 7100 for LTE RF & Performance Testing from R&D+ to Conformance
  • Reduction of Certification Failures already in an early stage of development for reasonable costs
  • All LTE FDD and TDD Band Supported without additional HW
  • Fully Automated Test Campaigns
  • Options in Hard- and Software


THE CTE LTE RF & Performance Application for Aeroflex 7100 on CTE HWE 3000
Our scalable LTE Solutions
CTE-RF-LTE Scalability


CTE RF LTE Conformance Overview
CTE-RF-LTE Conformance



 CTE RF LTE R&D+ Overview




Testplans for 2G, 3G, AGPS, BT and WLAN RF and Performance Measurements

2G, 3G, AGPS, BT, WLAN R&D+ and Conformance Coverage


CTE – T&M Framework – Key Features


ONE Test & Measurement Framework for all Test Plans, Technologies and HW Environments up to Customized Solutions

  • Project Management
  • Report Generation
  • Configuration Management
  • Test Campaign Management
  • Options
    • Accuracy Enhancement
    • Automation Device Under Test (up to 6 DUT)
      • DUT Control Multiplex
      • DUT RF Multiplex
    • Automation Test System
    • Fully automatic (Online-) Path Compensation
    • RF Switching
    • RF Conditioning
    • Temperature Chambers supported
  • Easy Extension
    • by new Technologies
    • by new Test plans
    • by new Customer specific HW Components and Environments
  • Large Variety of Tools
CTE Test & Measurement Framework


CTE – Hardware Environments (HWE)

CTE Hardware Environments (HWE)