GPONDoctor是GPON节点,ONT和OLT的有效分析工具,可确认和诊断GPON系统的故障问题,可捕捉上行和下行流量,从OAM, PLOAM,OMCI以及DBA等获取信息,确认GPON拓朴结构和ONT,OLT的状态,并通过和设备的通信确认故障和互联问题。其GPON Tester含携带型的OLT Emulator和GPON-Tester,可产生上下行流量协助营运商的GPON网络布建、新用户上线、及营运维护。



  • GPONDoctor 8000 (GPON Protocol分析仪& OLT模拟器)
    GPONDoctor™ is an “all in a box” GPON (Gigabit capable Passive Optical Network) based FTTH (Fibre To The Home) protocol sniffer, analyzer and OLT emulator, able to be connected to any location within any GPON ODN (Optical Distribution Network) and capture downstream and upstream bit-level information. It interprets all control and management information (OAM, PLOAM and OMCI), while providing real time upper layers traffic extraction. Being portable and fully oriented for interoperability tests it is a perfect tool for GPON Equipment Vendors and Telcos in GPON deployment/ turn-up/ troubleshooting phases.
  • GPONDoctor 2000 (GPON Protocol分析仪)
    GPONDoctor™ 2000 is a passive, chipset-less GPON FTTH protocol sniffer and analyser. Connected to any location within your PON distribution network (ODN), will capture downstream and upstream bit-level information. Provides a fast and easy to understood analysis of the GTC layer: OAM, PLOAM, and OMCI. GPONDoctor™ 2000 is a perfect tool for standards conformance compliance, network monitoring and troubleshooting. Ideal for test-labs and field application engineers engaged in GPON deployment and maintenance as well as for GPON OLT/ONUs manufacturers.