QACafe (CDRouter)

QACafe (CDRouter)


QA Cafe CDRouter is the industry standard in feature, security, and performance testing for broadband and enterprise edge gateways, Wi-Fi APs and mesh systems, and more, used by chipsets, device vendors, and service providers worldwide.



Our NTA1000 platform easily fits into your existing test bed and development process. Get set up and testing thousands of features in just minutes — with a support team committed to helping you succeed.


  • Simulate WAN connections including PPPoE, DHCPv4/v6, PPTP, L2TP, Static IPv4/v6, 6to4, 6rd, DS-Lite, MAP-T, MAP-E, 802.1x Access Controlled, and Wireless WAN
  • Run line-rate performance testing with full capture data
  • Simulate up to 128 802.11 a/b/g/n or ac wave 2 Wi-Fi clients, with IPv4 or IPv6 hosts


QACafe CDRouter Base (CDRouter 基础套件)


QACafe CDRouter’s core test module contains thousands of test cases that perform rigorous, comprehensive protocol and functional testing of your consumer and business routers, gateways, and other CPE products, including WAN connectivity (DHCP, static IP, PPPoE, PPPoA, PPTP, L2TP, 802.1x, ...), Network Services (DNS, Dynamic DNS, DNS relay, NTP, RADIUS, and more.), Routing and Forwarding (NAT, port mapping, ICMP forwarding, RIP, and more), Security (Firewalls, VPN, DMZ, and known CPE security flaws), Scaling (large numbers TCP connections, LAN hosts, and Wifi clients.), Applications (HTTP/HTTPS, SIP, xBox, UPnP, and more.).


QACafe CDRouter Performance (CDRouter Performance測試套件)


QACafe CDRouter Performance combines the powerful and standardized functionality testing of CDRouter with the ability to run stateful, line-rate traffic through your device under test. This lets you prove that device functions don’t impact network performance, that QoS policies set up on the device perform properly, and that a device’s performance does not degrade over time.


QACAfe CDRouter TR-069 (CDRouter TR069 測試套件)


As the official test platform for the Broadband Forum BBF.069 CPE Certification program, the QACafe's CDRouter TR-069 module transforms your CDRouter platform into a fully scriptable ACS simulator to test device implementations of the Broadband Forum's popular TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP). Whether you are an ISP, OEM, chipset, or TR-069 stack vendor, CDRouter TR-069 can ensure that your devices communicate and correctly manage their data models, whether they are gateways, routers, or end devices such as STBs, VoIP endpoints, or NAS.


QACAfe CDRouter USP (CDRouter 用户服务平台测试套件)


Developed by experts in the User Services Platform (TR-369) and CWMP (TR-069), CDRouter USP is the official certification platform for USP and contains over 1500 pre-defined test cases for validating USP agents, plus full support for the Conformance Test Plan for USP Agents (TR-469).


QACAfe CDRouter IPv6 (CDRouter IPv6 測試套件)


Are you making the transition to IPv6? Are your customers demanding dual-stack functionality in your CPE products? QACafe's CDRouter is IPv6 capable with the CDRouter IPv6 test module, letting you gain access to all of the WAN-side and LAN-side network elements necessary to simulate a complete IPv6 test environment within a single test platform.


QACAfe CDRouter DOCSIS (CDRouter DOCSIS 測試套件)


The DOCSIS add-on for CDRouter simulates the network services required for a fully featured DOCSIS network, letting you test cable modems and eRouters through any CMTS. This plus new test cases that exercise configuration, routing, application, and performance metrics in a repeatable, automated environment that makes cable/MSO testing easier than ever before.


QACAfe CDRouter ICS (互联网连接分享)


The CDRouter ICS add-on lets you test devices that require connection to the cloud in order to function, as well as capture and observe their behavior during testing.


QACAfe CDRouter Multiport (CDRouter 多端口測試套件)


QACafe's CDRouter Multiport gives you the power and flexibility to test multiple interfaces, whether on the WAN or the LAN. This makes it perfect for multi-service environments testing voice, video, and data together, and to test how well your device scales to many connected devices.


QACafe CDRouter IKE (CDRouter IKE 測試套件)


For security gateways that support VPN and IPSEC tunnelling, the CDRouter IKE module allows CDRouter to simulate hosts connecting through these IKE based features to ensure that your device’s VPN connections are secure and robust. CDRouter IKE can also be combined with CDRouter’s application tests from other modules to allow application traffic to run over VPN connections.